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Black and Gold!

This is what I wore last night to Myka’s debut. 

Thanks Angela for my photos :)

3 days ago

YELLOW DAY!! … again

For my fellow Thomasians, it’s okay that we lost, as long as we know that the Tigers did their best. Anyway, to show our support, we wore something YELLOW. I actually thought of wearing a black skirt but that was too main stream. So here :)

I wanted to achieve a “grundgyy” yet still sophisticated look with my hairstyle.

Plain Yellow Top- from USA, Bottoms-Forever 21, Combat Boots- ROTC, Accessories: Watch- Cotton On, Necklace and earrings-Claire’s, Belt- Portman Australia

I want to get this opportunity to thank those who read my blog! More power to us!! :) Thank you for reading and supporting me. I hope that you’ll be with me through my adventures and what-nots :)



1 month ago

FOOD DIARIES: Magnolia Flavor House

So Last night, we went to my ever favorite —- Robinsons Magnolia and we ate at the Flavor House. This will my first time to post about this store though I have already tried their products a dozen times.

The nice thing I noticed first is their store’s lighting. I guess lighting does a really big factor because for example, you use dark lights in these type of stores.The Ice cream shop would appear as if it is a club and you wouldn’t want that to happen.

Top-Terranova, Skirt-Cotton On, Necklace-Given by Tita Shirley Viloria

So the yellow lights of the store gave it a “circusy” feeling.

When we got there, there was no line which was odd because
it was a sunday which means FAMILY DAY! Though the
store was packed, we scored a table immediately.
The service was also good because they are attentive
to the customers.

So, without further ado, I present the ice SCREAMSSS we tried :)

Amazing Batman Brownie Overload PHP260

Black and White PHP200

Halo Halo PHP205

4 cheese pizza PHP300

I hope you would try their products soon!


1 month ago

3 Things that only college kids will understand

I went to the mall again for the first time in days and Since I am a college student now, I made this Blair Waldorf inspired pastel ensemble. Anyway, hope you like it. :)

1. Saving Money is hard!!!

It’s either you eat at the most famous carinderia (MANG TOOTZ) or you don’t eat at all. We college students have a lot of breaks. And some of us use these breaks to eat eat and eat. Therefore, not letting us save anything. Also, we have these expensive books and materials for our courses. WE ALSO THAT 1 PESO CHANGE SERIOUSLY. (Mahirap magkulang sa pamasahe)

2. Social Media Accounts = Library/Gallery/Records of Notes

Admit it or not, your phones/tablets/ipad etc have photos of your professors’ presentations. Your tweets are mostly about your homeworks and your complains about them. Well, suck it up coz your in college already. Lastly, you should lessen those selfies to save more memory :)


WE ARE SLEEP DEPRIVED and it is evident with our eye bags and dark circles. In college, we stay up all night just to finish the required readings and plates because the deadline is the next day or there is the much expected recitation. We need to maximize our time to get enough SLEEP.


Top (Pink Polo)-Lacoste (Blue Long Sleeves)-Giordano, Shorts- Bershka, Watch- Armani, Scarf (used as headband)- Steve Madden

What’s your back to school inspired ootd? :)

2 months ago

happy birthday @andymarasigan ❤❤❤ I wish you all the best in life.please no drifting apart dear best friend. I hope you liked the cake. 🎂 Pero papasexy pa tayo so pamigay mo na yan. hopefully 10 years from now tayo pa rin magkakasama. Anyway. Love you always xoxo celine 👯

2 months ago

happy birthday to one of my best friends/sister/weirding buddy ! 4 years of togetherness from CLAPS to DMNCA and i will still miss your crazy antics (bunny/ipis pose, random modelling, photoshoots etc) and also your stubbornness. Tho we are going to college now, remember that i’ll always be here for you no matter what! I love you sooo much! 👯 habertdayyy xoxo celine @lenzadrienne

3 months ago

A little bit of garden orchids annddddd… Me.

4 months ago


So my cousins and I went to eat lunch at the newly opened branch of Project Pie at Blue bay (in front of Blue wave). When my cousin told me about this, I was actually unaware of the place. At first, I thought about something like dessert pies. Well, I was wrong then.

Project pie is a place where you can customize your pizza. From the simple cheese flavored to the starting from scratch method. 

No worries about mixing up orders with the other customers. They will put your name on your own tray! Isn’t it delish?

We ordered 7 pizzas in total including my favorite. —- Banana Nutella!! Who would imagine having your favorite snack on a pizza dough!!

And the place: it’s really cozy. I can say. It has that at home feeling within the streets of Manila. PLUS: They have their Photobooth with an instagram account that posts photos directly. I can say that their crew is really friendly. One of the friendliest crew I’ve met. Talk about hospitality.

Anyway, the price range was also good. Php 150 + is not a bad deal at all ;) If you go here, make sure to try the Banana Nutella! 

If you’ve been here, how was your experience?

9 months ago

Happy 2014!

"New year, New me" NO. Just no. I always think that if people want to change, why would they wait for the new year to come? Well, I could change that phrase tho. "New year, Better me" As we grow up, we get better and better. And I think, this is what we all want. To be better. :)

I would like to share to you my new year’s Resolution/s and I want you to be with me in this journey!

1. To Graduate :)

2. To travel anywhere!

3. To have a good college life (pray with me)

4. To meet new people along the way.

5. To taste new dishes!

6.To have a good relationship with my family and more blessings to come.

7. Hope to find the right guy (not nagmamadali)

8. To be better at my studies.

9. To loose weight. (abs and thinner arms and thighs)

10. Lastly, to learn a lot this year :)

Anyway, I am hoping that this will be possible. so crossed fingers i do :)

New year’s eve outfit post below :)

          Would you believe me if I say I would like to have longer hair?

Dress from cotton on Australia, Glitter Pumps from Brash, Pearl Anchor bracelet from WMS.

  This new year was different from my other new years. I’m kinda used to the tradition of our family that we wear the same colors but since we are incomplete this year, sadly, there is no color coding. Anyway, new year was fun tho :) How did you spend your first day of the year?

9 months ago

TOP 10 Style icons in USTHS

“What I am wearing doesn’t matter!” This maybe one of the worst(well maybe not worst) things I heard from a friend. As an enthusiast, I would like to change this mentality. For me, how you dress up is your personality and IT is how other sees you. So, I promised my friends to post something that could help them in choosing their wardrobe and since it is almost 2014, it is the best time to get rid of those old and shabby clothes of yours and buy a new set of clothes. Let’s be honest here, styling is something hard for those who are not really the “Fashown type”. Well, in this post, I will feature the top 10 Style icons (nominated and suggested by YOU) in UST HS and some tips in dressing up exclusively from them.

P.S. In no order.

1. Ana Balmoris


1. Stay true to yourself. Dress according to your personality. Don’t try to dress like someone you’re the complete opposite to, because it will show.

2. Dress according to the occasion. Yes, you shouldn’t care about what others have to say, but you wouldn’t be caught dead in shorts when you’re in a formal party, right?

3. I personally think that I dress very simple, and that it’s up to me to carry the outfit that I’m wearing. So wear your style with pride and confidence to show people that you can wear what you want and still look fab in in.  

2. Ariana Canaya


1. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new looks.

2. Keep it simple

3. Learn to mix and match

3. joshua Piguing


1. Invest in a good pair of shoes. It will take you places

2. Always check the latest fashion trend. But the choice will be yours if you plan to;

3. Break the rule. Anyways, fashion

4. Kaniel Magsino


1. Your outfit is supposed to compliment your skin tone.

2. Its suppose to compliment you and your personality.

3. Ask you friends for opinions on the outfits that fits you best.

5. Gian Latorre


1.. Know your body. Before getting on your second skin (your clothes) you have to be greatly aware of your first. This shall include your weight, vital statistics, and shape and skin tone. Someone dressing up should memorize his body so he could pull off clothes that would not ruin the over-all look. In knowing your body, you get to shop better and more fit clothes for yourself, you get to choose colors that would complement yourself, and also you get to be more confident and fashionable than you could ever be. Embrace what you have, and look forward to the better clothes you would soon have.

2. Don’t miss out the fashion basics. Every fashion enthusiasts (i bet) have their random and inspirited “fashion-lazy” days, and personally, i get through these days with my fashion 101 closet friends. Even on real life, we should start first with the basics, then to the more complex ones, so shall with fashion. This shall apply too when stuck on decisions on which color to shop. Take priority of the versatile colors, like black, white, beige etc. These basics could include some denim jeans, shades, a pair of pumps and a good white shirt. You should never ever miss them out, for you’ll never go wrong with them. After all, fashion is all about evolving and upgrading

3. Love your clothes like you love yourself. Be confident. Nothing shall spark if you would not do some first steps. As i always believe in, you should wear clothes that you would love, otherwise, you’ll end up nothing but someone with no spirit. You want to wear “you”, in that you would be more comfortable than ever, though there would be really some times you have to do “tiis ganda”, at least you love what you are doing. You have to love what you wear. Your clothes are your friends, you dont know up to where they could take you. Now that fashion is bigger than it was, the demands of being more stylish is also getting larger. Don’t forget to be pretty and be humble all at the same time. Be tough with what you want to wear, with what you think is good, with your personal style. Dont stand in mediocrity, dont be basic and be fierce. Make fashion your passion.

6. Bea Siriban


1.When the top is loose, wear fit bottoms or vice versa. If both are loose, you will not see the shape of the body. If both are fit, you will look like “suman”.

2.  In an outfit, there should be complimenting colors. Example, your accessory color matches your shoes’ color.

3. You should always have an accessory because if there is none, the outfit will be boring. It maybe a ring, a blazer, stockings or even bags.

7. Rean Berdijo


1. You should always be comfortable in everything you wear.

2. Don’t buy something expensive that you can’t (carry?) It is better to buy clothes inexpensive clothes that you can (carry?) rather than something expensive but you are not comfortable in

3. Always mix and match clothes so than you will look (galante and maayos) when you wear it.

8. Neil Tionson


1. Color wheeling will be a big help on times when you have no idea what to match with a piece.

2. Always have a black piece in every kind of clothing since ; black makes everything look sexy, black is versatile and matches with everything and black matches any kind of skin tone and will make you look fairer.

3. Prefer vertical stripes, it will make you taller because Horizontal stripes will make you look wide.

9.  Tin Cangco


1. Browse your clothes

2. Be simple and stay classy

3. Rock it and be yourself

10. Sydney Crespo


First of all, thank you to everyone who suggested and nominated! This wouldn’t be possible without you guys! Also, thank you to the top 10 for the tips. I hope it helps everyone for it shows all the body types and tastes in fashion.

Some people say that how they look is the stereotype kind of look. Well, it won’t be a negative thought for me. It is basically how they express themselves. Also, I think some of you wouldn’t agree with this list but it is how I see people. But remember, it is not about the price tags of your clothes, its labels, and its design. It is about how you carry yourself and how you strut your own style.

P.S. Ask box me to give you their blogs and IG accounts



9 months ago

Too much kills.

Too much skin. Too much. Well, those are one of my thoughts when picking something to wear. I don’t want to be over the top. I also don’t want to cover myself so much like it’s snowing. Anyway, we went to Tagaytay and this is what I wore. 

Before we went to Tagaytay, we ate at Dampa, Macapagal and we got to buy fresh sea foods from the market! Since it was a “palutuan”, they weighted the sea foods and cooked it for us. Anyway, this is one reason why I gained weight. haha!

More about my Tagaytay Adventures below.


So why the title? Because I think that when you wear something. everything should be balanced. Especially when choosing something that is weather appropriate. 

Top-Zara, Shorts-Papaya Denim, Bag-Forever New Australia, Heels-Nine West, Sneakers- G by Guess, Shades-Cotton On Australia, Watch-Tomato

What do you prefer? Heels or Sneakers?

9 months ago

Most enchanting place

Me and my family went to Enchanted Kingdom at Sta. Rosa Laguna. I was just inform about our little bonding the night before so I wasn’t really prepared about what I wore. Anyway, I just grabbed a bright colored tank that I think will match the colorful aura of Enchanted Kingdom.

                  A photo of me and my family at the condominium

Don’t you just love how what I am wearing make me the focus of the photo

Anyway, as a Sagittarius, I am an adventurer and even though I already went to this place a few months ago, I went for the sake of adventure. Anyway, I think that the place was really nice with all the lights and everything. I also think that I could describe this place as one of the most enchanting place I’ve been to. 

More on my adventure and what I am wearing below! :)

                                               D.I.Y Sunset nails

So, It may look like I have a photo on wheel of fate arc but i didn’t ride it. I promised myself to ride it with the one that I like. :)

On me: Tank and cardgigan -Tempt Australia,Shorts-Hollister, Boots- Cotton on Austalia, Bag-Esprit, Shades- Cotton on

                           You just can see how scared I am. Lol

This is a better boyfriend then. HAHA!

To those who are stuck up in bed and on the internet, go here with your family and have fun. It is just an hour and a half away from manila which makes it really accessible. Happy holidays! P.S. I gained weight so yeah.

9 months ago
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